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appealing the decision today. >> relieved two children have been reunited with their mother who lives in san jose after they were held for ransom for 18 months. two have been arrested. the mother was in the united states illegally looking for work in washington state. she asked the suspects to bring the children to the united states and she paid them repeatedly. $5,000, eventually but the suspects never brought the kids here and threatened to kill them if she went to the police. she fine -- finally did. the two are held on felony charges in san jose. >> an assault rifle stolen from a san francisco police car on saturday has been recovered. police have released few details of how or where they got the weapon back. the ar-15 was taken from an unmarked car like this one which was parked and locked while
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officers were working in the market neighborhood. it is only issued to specially trained officers. >> a memorial is held on thursday for the two santa cruz police officers shot and killed in the line of duty last tuesday. a motorcade is scheduled to start at 8:45 on ocean street. the memorial for detective sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler was moved to the pavilion in san jose. the service will start at noon. we will broadcast it live going at 11:00 a. on abc7 news and at >> two bay area cities are considering major gun control measures today. the san francisco board of supervisors is looking at two proposals. one measure would require ammunition dealers to notify police when anyone in san francisco buys more than 500 rounds in a single transaction. the other proposal would make it
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a crime to sell any ammunition designated only for law enforcement or military agencies. oakland city council members will discuss banning investing in gun or ammunition manufactureers. the city does not currently have any gun investments but the measure urges the oakland police and fire retirement fund to sell any gun investments they might have. the ban was already approved unanimously by a council committee. now it needs a vote of the full council to pass. >> santa clara board will meet to replace a former member who resigned and now faces up to a year in jail. he has agreed to plead guilty to felony charges later this month. he spent taxpayer and campaign donation money as his own. he admitted he suffers from a game peopling addiction and depression. supervisors will vote on two options, to appoint someone to
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the vacant seat or schedule an election between now and june 25. >> the bay area has a new distinction but nothing to be proud of, the commute if we need to tell you, is bad. so bad there is a new name for it. kira klapper is live with that. >> some of us can now refer to ourselves as mega commuters. bay area drivers have the worst of the worst commute in america according to new statistics. here is how you know if you qualify. a mega commuter is worker who spends 90 minutes plus 50 mys to get to the office in the morning. they are across the country, there are 587,000 of them, but we have the highest pentagon here and we are four more times liely to be a mega commuter. if you are not one yet you are not likely to become one. the census did the study in 2000 and the commute sounds terrible,
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no more people are doing it now in 2012 than in 2000. >> the percentage of worker whose took 90 minutes or longer to get to work was a long time one way, in the year 2000, it was between 2 percent and 3 percent of all workers which has stayed the same according to our most recent data. >> more good news for those who are not mega commuters: our commute times are not that bad compared to the rest of the country. the average one way commute in santa clara county in 2011 was 24.7 minutes. 27.8 minutes in oakland. in san francisco it was 29.6 minutes. doesn't sound too bad, all under 30 minutes. >> tonight is the night for the bay area light project as we were talking about earlier. you probably have seen the new light display on the bridge and we have been testing it for
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weeks. tonight, the full bay like spectacular is officially unveiled. you are looking live at the bay bridge right now. the grand lighting ceremony starts tonight at 8:30 with preshow events along the embarcardero and other spots. at 9:00, the switch is when the lights go on. it spans 1.8 miles and is the largest light sculpture in the world on display if two years but not visible to drivers on the bridge. $6 million in private funds was raised to pay for the 25 the lights designed by artists. for some good spots to view tonight's light show or to watch the entire event from home, go to and well stream it for you live. >> at least the mega commuters have a gorgeous view to admire. >> we can watch the bridge. it looks great until you are stuck in the traffic on it where you cannot see it. >> if the rain can hold off for the event, mike?
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>> the rain will move in at 7:00 to san francisco and across the bay bridge toward oakland. right now the big story is how dry it has been and it is dry this morning. did you see the flags on the ferry building? that is why we don't have rain because we don't have clouds. we are 5" behind where we should be in santa rosa and four in san francisco and sfo and four in oakland and san jose. three in livermore. we will see how it breaks down. off to a cool spot, 30's inland. increasing clouds today as the cold front draws near and stay in the low 50's at the coast but hit the upper 50's in most neighborhoods by noon and hang out in the afternoon. by 4:00, light rain is moving into the north bay and by 7:00 it starts to spread south out of the north bay and across all of our neighborhoods during the evening and overnight hours. when the initial line pushes through we will have waves the
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showers for tomorrow, we will have scattered showers for thursday, and low-to-mid 50's is the coolest day when the snow level drops to 2,500' and by friday it is over. >> good morning, everyone. the golden gate bridge you can see the caution light is flashing here and that is because of the road work on the north end of the span, you are down to one lane in the northbound direction, two lanes in the southbound direction. that is usually picked up by 5:30 when it will ease up. traffic is light coming into the city right now. san mateo bridge is looking good, a few brake lights and otherwise just some road work. in oakland, both directions of 880, between 23rd and 5th until 5:30 this morning with road work there and we do have road work, also, in marin, coming off the waldo toward the golden gate bridge on the sausalito side. >> 4:39. next, a neighborhood in danger from a broken water main. the sinkhole developing under
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homes and the residents who could be forced out. >> women, listen up: surprising new research on our life expectancy. >> first, the countdown is on for the next samsung home and apple watch. >> in today's tech bytes the white house scoring points with cell phone users. the obama administration wants you to choose the wireless carrier for your mobile device. another government agency ruled that unlocking phones so they will work on another network is illegal. a market analyst says personal computer sales fell almost 4 percent last year and will continue downward. consumers previous the mobility of tablets although desk tops can do more. it is confirmed, samsung will unveil the new top-line smartphone, the gal action s4 is a software more than hardware upgrade and will automatically control based on where your eyes are focused.
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and apple has a new watch which could let you make phone calls, count how far you have walked, and monitor your heart rate at
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>> walnut creek, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> three sinkholes have opened up in san francisco's west portal neighborhood where a water main break flooded homes. three homes are red tagged and others have restricted access. it could be months before major repairs can be done. know the past few days this man has watched the hole grow deeper where the city had to brace the bottom the home. he says the damage from the earthquake was nothing compared to the water main break. >> it was about this much as
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first. the following day, it was like this. then it got bigger and bigger. >> he andly wife are still allowed to live upstairs where the walls are cracked and the doors are so out of joint they will not close and the insurance company says he is out of luck. >> after three days they told us, oops, we are not going to pay. it is not our responsibility but the city's responsibility. >> the top official at the utility commission assured neighbors the city would cover any damage, big or small, caused by the water main break. >> any structural fixes for things that could be developing, the cracks, those we will pay. we will pay the claims. >> the city is taking good action right now. a lot more needs to be done, though. >> two weeks ago, jason moved into this million dollar home and now a portion of earth under it is caving in. the neighbor was built a top a
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creek bed and the ground is full of sand and fill taken from the tunnel project. the ground is sinking in five locations now, and three homes are red tagged as unlivable including alan's home who is now worried about clean up dust. >> my wife has a sinus infection and double ear infection and i am getting an infection, as well. >> that was john reporting. people can file claims up to $25,000 to pay for immediate expenses but the board could increase that amount. the city also says resident whose file a claim now will not waive their right to file future claims against the city. >> four-year-old boy is okay after falling three stories below in colorado at an apartment complex. the mother pushed the couple against the window while shampooing the carpet and he jumped up and leaned against the screen that popped out. who did two somersaults in the
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air and landed on the rocks below, on his feet. i heard a crash. it was red and blue. >> my mom was freaked out. i hear her screaming, billy went off the window. >> he was hospitalized for 20 hours as doctors ran tests but in the end, he only had a few scratches. >> the pentagon says they will be forced to furlough 15,000 military schoolteachers and staff because of the automatic budget cuts that took affect four days ago. according to the pentagon press secretary, the military will also close all of the commissaries on bases an the world for one extra day each week. the republican-controlled house of representatives is putting together a huge spending bill aimed at giving the pentagon more money for military readiness. >> this morning, the venezuela government says president chavez is in a delicate state
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struggling to recover from cancer. he has not been seen in public since the operation in cuba three months ago. venezuela's communications minister says that chavez is suffering from a severe breathing infection and is having a tough time breathing. chavez returned to venezuela last month after an extended medical stay in cuba. >> the united nations security council is setting the stage today for a new round of sanctions against north korea. it carried out the third nuclear test last month despite u.n. warnings. the security council will meet today behind closed doors. china is now set to be behind the sanctions. it comes after the united states and north korea's closest ally agreed on the new resolution to punish north korea. the north is vowing this morning to cancel the 1953 korean war cease-fire because of sanctions and ongoing united states south korean joint military drills. >> the united states thinks the united nations has a drinking problem. ambassador that represents the united states on the u.n. budget
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committee and he says that budget negotiations are made more complicated by the number of diplomats who turn up drunk. he is proposing that negotiation rooms should be held in alcohol-free zone. the u.n. budget is finalized in december when holiday parties lead to problems spilling over into the negotiations. >> maybe made sure your diplomat is sober so they can take advantage of the drunk diplomats. >> i thought that was part of the negotiations. i will have water. >> now, outside, everyone, it is 4:48 on this tuesday morning where we are starting off dry on live doppler 7 hd. to the north, we have, look at that, just a few radar returns off the coast at eureka and headed to crescent city. broadening it out, the bulk of
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the storm is to portland and seattle all sinking down to the south and east so it is matter of time before it hits us. the sierra, this area here, winter storm warning starting at 7:00 this evening. if you want to get up there and keep the fresh powder and hang around while it is snowing, tomorrow until 10:00, you will probably have to wait until thursday to get up in without having to deal with snow on the roads. there is a beautiful bay bridge and you can see some of the lights and the many, many designs that they are displaying. temperature is 46 in san francisco, and redwood city, and 41 in san mateo the cool spot is 47 in palo alto and half moon bay at 45. we are around 45 to 46 degrees in oakland and, also, in union city, antioch, and the south bay is partly cloudy and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's and san jose at 46.
4:48 am
as we head up to the not bay, cooler here, look at all the 30's, 37 in napa, and petaluma is 39, and sausalito is 44. here is what is happening today, temperatures are a lot like yesterday with increasing clouds from north to south so mostly cloudy north to partly cloudy south and 60's inland and upper 50's and near 60 around the bay shore and mid-50's at the coast. tonight we have temperatures in the same range this morning, lower to middle 40's inland and mid-50's to the coast. here is our system sliding down toward us, so the rain returns today, just when and where, friday at noon, nothing going on but by 5:00 the moderate rain moving into the north bay and by 7:00 the leading edge pushes into the travel bay and 9:00 into the east bay and the south bay and overnight we get steady rain with showers tomorrow morning when the commute will be most affected. if you are headed out to do
4:49 am
scattered showers they dissipate by tomorrow in the evening and we will have scattered showers on thursday and the snow level will drop to around 2,500'. so a couple of inches are snow are possible. we will get a quarter to half an inch, possibly double that in our higher elevations. our coolest weather is thursday with low-to-mid 50's and drying trend if friday and the 60's and 70's as we head through sunday and monday and daylight savings begins this weekend. >> already? seems live it was just the end it. we have a lot of traffic easing their way through the bay bridge toll please, but, it is no delay, no metering lights and no problem on the upper deck the we have budgets of garbage in the northbound direction of 680 right at north main in the walnut creek area and they are working to get that debris out of the lanes. otherwise, southbound is looking good and highway 24 and road work out there, and we will go to oakland, pardon me, san jose, we have north 101 and we have a
4:50 am
lane blocked with traffic for another 30 minutes, and on northbound 680 from mission south to mission boulevard north, three lanes are blocked there until 6:00 this morning. kristen? katie? >> researchers have scoffed -- discovered a new type of stem cell from adult breast tissues like embryonic stem cells they can trance form into different types of cells and can be trained to carry out healing work in the body such as heart cells or cartilage. scientists will work to discover the uses for therapy. >> life expectancy is getting shorter for women in nearly half of the counties in the united states. the university of wisconsin study looked at mortality rates the last five years and in 43 percent of the counties mostly in the south and west, life expectancy for women has
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dropped. disadvantaged white women saw the biggest change but researchers are not sure why. some experts say it could be tied to higher smoking rates, obesity, and less education. life expectancy for men is holding steady and in some places improving. >> coming up, getting rid of red light cameras, the bay area city where drivers may no longer is to worry about that in the sky.
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>> the city of hayward will continue getting rid of red light cameras that were installed at intersections that had a lot of accidents but only half have seen a decrease and three have seen an increase. the cameras cost close to $1 million a year, the same as the revenues the city generates from broad light tickets. police recommend phasing out cameras as contracts expire in
4:54 am
the fall. let's talk angels and demons for a moment. this photograph was taken three weeks ago at city hall by a pastor at santa rosa posting it on facebook. they were praying for criminal defendants but behind the three heads is a demon-looking face and the pastor says it is a sign that evil spirits lurk at the jail. others explain it is probably just another person's head bowed down with sunglasses on top. whatever your interpretation... >> the three men who know if there is another man there. >> scary. demons among us. but not mike nicco. >> not speaking of mike nicco. >> you are an angel, all the way. >> i wouldn't go that far but thank you. good morning, demons? no.
4:55 am
angel? no. now, what will happen today? we are going to have rain in eureka at 48 degrees and higher mountain snow. tahoe will be quiet but as we head toward tomorrow we are going to get a lot of snow up there, ten to 20 inches of snow. . >> beyond berkeley to the macarthur maze, moving at the limit with no delays. south 101 beyond lucas valley road looking good, and road work out there at 580 eastbound, lanes are, monthed until 11:00 this morning. kristen? >> it is 4:57. next, new developments in the case of a stolen multimillion dollar yacht that ran aground in pacifica with speedy work by crews. >> hundreds gather to remember a young man shot to death in campbell. friends and family are t
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news kgo. >> it is 5:00 on this tuesday morning. i am kristen sze. >> i am katie marzullo. we will get to mike nicco and find out about the forecast. the rain is coming. mike? >> almost here. that is the key. most commute will be okay but for the north bay. this time tomorrow we will deal with wet streets. live doppler 7 hd is quiet this morning. we will talk about the temperatures running from a couple of degrees to ten degrees cooler yesterday with a lost mid-to-upper 30's in the north bay and low-to-mid 40's in the east bay valley and mid-to-upper 40's along the coast. increasing clouds but dry mostly
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in the upper 50's to low 60's around the bay and same thing inland and the coast and low-to-mid 50's. rain in the day lit is well in the north bay. >> we are going to the san mateo bridge where the commute is a good commute so far. it is making director way from 8 to the toll plaza and the flat section of the san mateo bridge to foster city everyone is at the limit. we had road works in the lane. we have various places ambassador the bay and to oakland where we have road work 880 both directions, through 23rd until 5th and that is until 5:30 this morning. otherwise, traffic is slowing nicely through the area and i don't see delays. kristen and katie? >> happening now the stole were luxury yacht that ran aground in pacifica has taken a step toward reuniting with the owner because of crews working hard overnight. our reporter is live at the marine yard and the boat, has it arrived? >> not yet they are towing

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